Many Different Types of Building Signage

In today’s competitive business environment, building Signs play an increasingly important role in defining who you are and what your company is all about. Building Signs are one of the most cost effective ways to help convey your message to potential customers. It doesn’t matter if your business is local or global, there is always a need for building signage that makes your company and/or product stand out from the competition. While at the same time enabling you to attract more attention and draw more people towards your establishment, attractive building signs will make your company stand out from the competition and therefore, ultimately, increase your chances for success.

There are many options when considering your company’s building signage, from traditional letter mounted signs to modern outdoor mounted signage. Letter mounted outdoor signs are one of the most commonly used options, particularly for businesses that wish to communicate their name and address in a more prominent and visible manner than with letter mounted outdoor advertising. This method uses traditional mounting letters on a sturdy metal frame, which is then screwed directly to the building.

A popular option when considering building signs is the use of the more modern rigid aluminum sign. This option uses lightweight aluminum materials that create a more rigid sign frame that is more weather resistant than standard aluminum construction. In addition to being more weather resistant, rigid aluminum signs offer a sharp, clean look with crisp lines. This type of sign is more attractive and functional than standard signs, especially when compared to the more traditional sign styles.

Outdoor sign styles also vary in variety and use depending upon the location of the business. Many Memphis, TN retail stores use neon building signs to attract customers and showcase their stores during the night or early morning hours. These neon signs can also be used as additional building signage for other types of businesses, including fitness centers, banks, convenience stores, and other eating or retail stores. Memphis, TN real estate investors have also found the value of using these signs to highlight homes and properties, especially since they are so easy to clean and maintain. For these real estate investors, these types of signs provide an added edge over other potential home buyers, helping to quickly bring them up to date on current trends and designs.

Finally, traditional building signage can come in a variety of dimensional letters. Dimensional letters include both vertical and horizontal forms of letters, as well as a wide range of shapes. These dimensional letters are great when used as building signage, since they are easy to read from a distance. They are also easy to transport and can be used to communicate messages in a number of different industries, including radio, television, and outdoor advertising. These types of signs are usually less expensive and more economical to operate than dimensional letter signs, making them viable for just about any type of business in the metropolitan area or outside the metropolitan area.

Regardless of which type of sign is chosen, building mounted signs are a fantastic choice for both the business community and private consumers. Whether you are shopping for new or used property or looking to advertise your business, building mounted signs make a strong and noticeable impact. They are visible from short distances, easy to read from a distance, and cheap to operate. With today’s growing technology, sign companies have also created software that allows customers to customize their building mounted signs with pre-set graphics, color schemes and even text. In addition to building signs and dimensional letters, another popular type of signage that is used frequently around the country is channel letters, which are usually a combination of colors and/or letters and numbers and can often be seen on roadside sign posts.